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Joint Statement on the World Human Rights Day Solidarity Parade Project in Japan

2011/12/24 Check

‘Human Rights’ are rights that every one of us is entitled to.
However in reality, this is not the case for people all over the world.
There are many people who escaped from their home country and have come to Japan due to their living under threats of violence by an oppressive regime or dictatorship
without ‘freedom of speech’, ‘rights of education’, or ‘freedom of religion’
Behind the impression of democratisation in Burma, there have been increased crackdowns and oppression against ethnic groups.

In Tibet, under China’s occupation, people are at the breaking point. The have no freedom, their identity is under constant threat, and they have seen their 13th self immolation.

Tens and Thousands of Uyghur people in East Turkistan are affected by China’s nuclear tests, which have not only affected their health, but also destroyed their environment.

China’s fierce assimilation policy in Inner Mongolia is threatening their very existence in their homeland.

Here in Japan, though we appear to be entitled to free and peaceful living, there are people who are forced to live as evacuees by the meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear reactor.

Today, we are marching together hand in hand with people from many nationalities who have escaped their own homeland to seek their fundamental rights of a free and secure life.

In the past, on World Human Rights Day, each group held their own event, but this year for the first time we are holding a solidarity event and many groups are marching together.

By coming together to organise the event, we are able to move beyond our differences.
We believe that by walking together today we will deepen our understanding of each other and develop greater respect for one another.

Although being in a country so far away from home can be an isolating experience, today we can stand by each other and give support to the process of establishing the identity of each group in Japan.

This movement will also help us to connect with people under oppression outside of Japan and inspire them to work towards freedom.

On World Human Rights Day, we hereby present the following demands to the leadership of countries who fail to respect the fundamental Human Rights of their own people.

・The Burmese government must cease the crackdown on ethnic minorities immediately and start peace negotiations, and release all political prisoners who have been imprisoned. They must also welcome an investigation to be carried out by international bodies in order to ensure the process of democratisation of Burma.

・The Chinese government must stop human rights abuses immediately and introduce policies to ensure the respect of all religion, language and culture for the people of Tibet, Uyghur and inner Mongolia. They must also stop all assimilation policies immediately such as forced settlement and Han migration into ethnic Mongolian areas.

・We call for all countries to observe The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to ensure and protect the rights of security and the cultural life of its own people.

・We call for appropriate intervention and for even more vigilant observation by the international community of countries abusing the Human Rights of its own people.

The World Human Rights Day Solidarity Parade Project working group is comprised of representatives from the following groups based in Japan.


Tibetan Community In Japan

Burmese Community In Japan

Japan Uyghur Association

Inner Mongolian People’s Party

Mongolian Liberal Union Party