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土 ,24/12/2011

「人権」は、ひとりひとりが平等に持っている権利である。しかしながら現実は、世界中の人々に平等に保障されてはいない。日本には、軍事政権や独裁的な政権の下で、「言論の自由」、「教育の自由」、「宗教の自由」等もなく、生命の危険にさらされ国を逃れて来たさまざまな「民族」の人々がいる。 (さらに…)

Joint Statement on the World Human Rights Day Solidarity Parade Project in Japan

土 ,24/12/2011

‘Human Rights’ are rights that every one of us is entitled to.
However in reality, this is not the case for people all over the world.
There are many people who escaped from their home country and have come to Japan due to their living under threats of violence by an oppressive regime or dictatorship
without ‘freedom of speech’, ‘rights of education’, or ‘freedom of religion’
Behind the impression of democratisation in Burma, there have been increased crackdowns and oppression against ethnic groups. (さらに…)